The Benefits of Reston Tree Trimming and Pruning

If you have trees in your Reston VA home, you have probably noticed just how much they enhance the outer area of your home. Trees are also the perfect addition to any yard or landscape that is too open or bare, and they could even increase the value of your home significantly. However, trees require special care to keep them looking their best, and one of the things you should do is trim and prune them regularly. There are several benefits you will receive when this is done.

A sidewalk in Reston needing tree trimming services

Enhance the beauty of your trees

As trees develop, they often take up odd, irregular shapes that may not be appealing. For instance, branches may be too low on one side, yet too tall on the other. Tree trimming helps by reducing the overgrown areas to ensure that the overall look of the tree is balanced, enhancing its beauty. Tree pruning is sometimes aimed at either stimulating or restricting growth in certain areas of the tree. Regular tree trimming goes a long way in enhancing and maintaining the tree’s shape, which ultimately makes it look fuller and healthier.

Keep your trees healthy

Proper tree trimming goes a long way in making the tree look just as healthy as ever from the outside, while circulation and light are improved in and under the tree. This encourages healthy growth of the tree itself, as well as the plants, grass and shrubs growing around it.

Detect tree health problems early

A photo taken during a Reston tree trimming jobOne of the most important benefits of regular tree trimming and pruning is that you can detect problems with your trees early. The solution to insect and disease control in trees is correctly identifying them as early as possible and then treating them appropriately. In some cases, trees are not affected by insects or disease, but by some noninfectious disorder cause by lack or nutrition, pollution or unsuitable climate, which can often be reversed and prevented.

Fortunately, the most common tree problems in Reston VA can be addressed before they spread to other parts of the tree or even to other trees in the area. As such, you may also be able to prevent further damage. However, it is important to work with a tree specialist who can identify the exact problem and the best solution.

Prevent damage and injury

While trees are a great addition to your property, it is important to ensure they do not pose a threat to anyone or anything around. Depending on where your tree is located, even within your yard, tree trimming may be necessary to prevent it from damaging your property.

Trees that are planted close to the home or garage might grow large enough to cause damage to your car or home. Regular trimming will help you keep track of the tree’s development; otherwise, you may not notice how close the branches are to your property until they have already caused serious damage.

Another common reason for tree pruning in Reston is the removal of dead wood. This will eventually fall from a tree if it is not cut out in time, posing danger to anyone or anything below it. It is also worth noting that dead wood tends to fall from trees on calm weather days, not during storms. As such, the risk of falling on people is greater than most people think. Ideally, dead wood should be cut back to where there is live tissue so that it grows back over the wound. A Reston VA tree expert would know where best to make the cut in order to promote the fastest healing.

Eliminate unnecessary costs

A recent tree pruning job we completed in Reston VirginiaIn most cases, tree trimming services in Reston VA are affordable, so it would be possible to get such services on a regular basis without denting your wallet. On the other hand, avoiding tree maintenance altogether in an effort to save money will likely work against you when your trees become diseased or die. In such a case, you would have to pay to both remove the tree and probably replace it so the space is not left bare.

Reston tree removal services are quite costly in comparison to trimming, not to mention the potential damage the tree might have caused to your property as well as any injuries that might have resulted from the neglect.

Expert tree service

Choosing a dedicated tree service for all your tree trimming and pruning needs ensures that the beauty and lifespan of your trees are maximized. As a Reston home or property owner, it is also advisable to learn as much as you can about tree trimming from a tree specialist, including how to best take care of your trees and how often they should be trimmed. If you require tree trimming services in Reston VA, contact Genesis Tree Service today for your free estimate.